If you ever wondered if art in the Midwest constitutes something different and/or additional to that which is promoted and marketed on the coasts then please attend the Spring 2013 Inland Visual Studies Center Symposium at Bradley University on April 4th and 5th. It’s free and open to the public.

Have you have ever thought that geography has as much influence on your art sensibility as other historical and cultural factors, no matter what cultural zone you live in? Then come to the Inland Center’s 4th annual symposium.

Does it bother you that culture becomes too homogenized or too niched on the internet? If you feel that real communities, which have been historically defined by place, offer an alternative to official art discourse or popular mythology, come to our symposium.

The Inland Visual Studies Center is located at Bradley University in Peoria, IL. It is a collaborative project between the School of Art & Design at Washington University in St. Louis and the Department of Art at the Ohio State University.

More later on the symposium that includes Stephen Goddard, Ken Botnick, Karen Kunc, and Julie Leonard and much more. This year we examine the traditions of Printmaking and Artists Books in the Midwest.

Paul Krainak
Chair, Department of Art
Director, Inland Visual Studies Center

Bradley University
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Heuser Art Center
Peoria IL, 61625
Tel. 309.677.2967